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The beach has umbrellas and deckchairs on reservation in addition to cabins and the

shower service.

The protection of
cliff foster
a condition of the sea
quiet and low
backdrop for some tens of meters excellent
for the game of the children

Blue Flag


In addition to recognition for

the year 2009 the Blue Flag, our sea is a
of the most sought after for

the transparency and
clarity of water


Help bathers

Like any self-respecting establishment
also provides our
the figure of 'Assistant bathers.
Trained and authorized by
Italian Swimming Federation, salvamento section, the ASSISTANT BATHERS and the specialist who watches over the safety of those attending swimming pools and bathing establishments sea or lake, capable and experienced in rescue operations for those

who are in danger in water





Going into the water

We provide rental service Pedaḷ and, this year,
Canoe and also, new 2009, a Pattino Remi


In addition to the beach and the terrace overlooking the sea,
recently endowed with a splendid
coverage of wood, we have the lawn area

Umbrellas and deck chairs on grass
always close to the sea, in
a slightly higher but still
in direct contact with the restaurant


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